Shockoe Solar, LLC is a full-service solar energy systems company serving Richmond, the state of Virginia, and the Mid-Atlantic region. We are professional solar energy technicians with a unique expertise in architecture, building construction, and energy efficiency.

Launched in 2008 and now with a full-time staff of five, Shockoe Solar has experienced rapid growth as a result of two key factors:

- Our keen understanding of the latest solar energy systems and the range of options for value and performance.

- Our hands-on experience with custom building enables us to work collaboratively with a range of critical solar partners – property owners, architects, builders, electricians, and LEED professionals.

Our success is equally a result of our values which are paramount to our purpose as a business:



Our expert knowledge about the latest solar energy technology means more satisfied customers.  First we listen to the customer’s needs, then we assess and analyze the solar potential using the latest solar testing technology.  Based on the results, we discuss a range of options.


Our track record and client references speak for themselves, and we pride ourselves in our work ethic, integrity, and honesty.


Every company – no matter its product or service – is a direct reflection of its people. Shockoe Solar’s staff is dedicated, intelligent, and passionate, about solar energy and our customers.  We excel in producing long-lasting friendships with our customers.

The Latest Technology

Shockoe Solar uses the latest technology to provide extremely accurate calculations of available sunlight. The “SunEye” gadget is an advanced tool that utilizes a digital camera, fish-eye lens, computer, compass, and GPS to determine the exact amount of direct sunlight available at that particular spot on your roof, every day of the year. Without this tool, the amount of direct sunlight would be a rough estimate… at best.

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Solmetric SunEye in use on rooftop

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