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About Shockoe

Bernie Stanley is the president.  Hermitage High School, VCU, Virginia Commonwealth University, Bridgewater College, Ashland, VA. 


Integrity is the number one reason why our long list of customers chose us.  Our references include dozens of customers spanning over almost a decade.  We highly encourage you to contact any of them! Just ask for our "Project and Trade References." 

Our expert knowledge about the latest solar energy technology means more satisfied customers.  First we listen to the customer’s needs, then we assess and analyze the solar potential using the latest solar testing technology.  Based on the results, we discuss a range of options.

Shockoe Solar's Warehouse


Our track record and client references speak for themselves. We pride ourselves in our work ethic, integrity, and honesty.  Shockoe Solar is "Excellence in Solar Energy."


Every company – no matter its product or service – is a direct reflection of its people. Shockoe Solar’s staff works together like a well oiled machine.  Whether it is our largest project or our smallest, your project will get our full attention.  All of our employees are dedicated, intelligent, friendly, and passionate about solar energy and our customers.  We excel in producing long-lasting friendships with our customers.


Shockoe Solar uses the latest technology to provide extremely accurate calculations of available sunlight. The “SunEye” gadget is an advanced tool that utilizes a digital camera, fish-eye lens, computer, compass, and GPS to determine the exact amount of direct sunlight available at that particular spot on your roof, every day of the year. Without this tool, the amount of direct sunlight would be a rough estimate… at best. 


Shockoe Solar has a network of business partners from every aspect of construction in all parts of Virginia and beyond.  Please support our partners as they support us!

Our Logo

Inspiration for Our Logo Bernie and Alison’s daughter, Madeline (age 6) drew a logo in crayon when she learned her dad was installing renewable energy systems. Thanks Madeline! We’re working to make a more energy efficient future for you, your generation, and for future generations.